Kitchen Palette

Change the look of your kitchen dramatically—and affordably— with Kitchen Palette, the only interchangeable backsplash on the market. Forget the commitment of living with the same backsplash design for years! Now you can change your backsplash whenever you want a change...for the holidays, a special occasion, or when you want a different look or new pop of color! The design possibilities are truly endless. And installation is quick and easy. Perfect for use in both new construction and in existing homes, Kitchen Palette will change the way you look at kitchen design.



Designed to fit behind standard ranges, selecting a System with a Blank Palette is the ultimate way to express your creativity.

Included with this system:

  • One blank Kitchen Palette
  • Frame that measures 26 1/16" x 18 1/16"
  • Template
  • 10 anchor screws
  • Two latches
  • One #6 screw
  • Safety strap