Install-a-Door Door Holder

Install-a-Door Door HolderThe Install-A-Door Door Holder Kit allows for hands-free installation of doors and windows into rough openings, allowing you to check reveals and adjust as necessary.

"After years of working alone as a general contractor, I found it difficult to do many jobs without the help of an extra set hands, especially when it came to installing doors. So, I set out to find an easy way to to allow me to hold the door in place, so I could make adjustment, shim and secure it without frustration or help of another person. In 2004 that became a reality with the development of my DOOR HOLDER KIT. It' s perfect for contractors or the average DIYer and totally reusable."

- Dan Baldwin, Inventor of Install-A-Door Door Holder Kit

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The Install-A-Door Door Holder Kit

  • Enables user to install a door in its rough opening without assistance
  • Improves safety & efficiency when installing a door
  • Cuts installation time in half
  • Kit consists of eight reusable holders and pan screws
  • To install a door, user places four holders on rough opening and four holders on the opposite side of the rough opening.
  • User next sets the door and frame in rough opening then squares the door with shims and nails the door in place.
  • Holders are then removed and project is complete.

Install-a-Door Door Holder Reviews

"As you know installing interior doors can be a chore at times, so when I saw this simple and easy to use Install-A-Door Kit on line I decide to give it a try. Being in Construction for over 25 years your always looking for a faster , better and easier way of doing things and when it comes to interior doors the Install-A-Door Kit is my new to go to way of installing interior doors! When working alone or with a helper the Kit makes installation so much easier especially for the heavy solid core doors. Screw on your plates, put the door in the opening, screw on the plates, start your adjustments, easy! Right! Best off all you can leave the door in the opening walk a way and it will be in the same place where you left it! NICE! Also If I was a first time do it/ yourselfer trying to install doors in my home the Install-A-Door Kit would be a life saver! Easy to use, I could take my time to make my adjustments, no rush here where is the door going to go! "

As A Pro I give Install-A-Door Kit 5 Stars
Ease of use 5 Stars
Price 5 Stars
Simon, Wenatchee WA

"Install-A-Door is like having a third hand. Whether it's your first door or your last door, hang it with the door-holder kit. Quick, easy and reusable. "
Ryan, Murphey's Construction

Install-a-Door Door Holder Installation Instructions

install a door instructions
  1. Install four HOLDERs on the stop side of the rough opening, horizontally and four HOLDERS on the hinge side, vertically. Make sure HOLDERs are smooth side to the wall and just snug. You may need to adjust later.
    Note: Holes for HOLDERs are 6" down and 3/4" over from rough opening. Bottom holes are 6" up from bottom and 3/4" over. See illustration.
  2. Place door & frame into rough opening. Hinges facing you.
  3. Turn HOLDERS 90 degrees / horizontal on the frame (4 places.)
  4. Center Door and Frame into rough opening. Make adjustments and shim at the top-sides of the frame. This should center door/frame into rough opening.
  5. Level Hinge side first. Place shims at hinge area and nail.
  6. Place shims on the Latch side making sure reveal is equal space between door and frame. Open and close door to check operation. If correct nail into place. Note: About same location as hinge side
  7. Cut all shims level with wall and remove HOLDERS.
  8. Trim door out.
  9. Door Install Complete.

Install-a-Door Installation Video

Install-a-Door Door Holder Notes

install a door instruction 2

  • Doors always open into room.
  • Hinges go on room side.
  • Install-a-Door Door Holder Smooth side of holder always goes against the wall.
  • Mounting of Holders Holes for holders and screws are 6" down and 3/4 over from rough opening and 6" up from bottom and 3/4" over. Refer to illustration
  • Holders mount to backside of wall. Opposite door opening side.
  • Reveal (space between the frame and door) should be close to equal space at the top and latch side as possible.
  • Shims Place shims at door hinge area.