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News: Self-Drilling Modified Truss Head Screws

[clear] New Self-Drilling Modified Truss Head Screws Now Available! Phillips Drive - 8 X 3/4” To 8 X 1-1/4” Lengths Our new self-drilling Modified Truss Head screws are for metal to metal applications. They feature a Phillips Drive, Zinc plating for corrosion resistance, a low profile modified truss head, a free #2 Phillips Bit and…
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News: New Self-Drilling Drywall Screws!

[clear] 6 x 1-1/4” to 8 x 2-5/8” Phillips Drive Self-Drilling Drywall Screws Now Available! Our new self-drilling drywall screws have a bugle head to prevent tearing, a phosphate coating to help resist corrosion, and a Phillips Drive recess. They are excellent for wall board, drywall, plaster board, sheet rock, gypsum board, and other materials.…
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News: Reamer Tek Wood to Steel Screws Now AC257 Compliant

Our FHD ReamerTek Line Now Shipping With a New Corrosion Resistant, ACQ Compatible Coating! We are now shipping the FHD ReamerTek Wood to Steel Screw line in a AC257 Compliant Corrosion Resistant Exterior Coating. This coating on Screw Products, Inc.’s exterior use fasteners has been designed to protect against the corrosive qualities of pressure treated…
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New ICC-ES Code Compliance Update

Screw Products, Inc. has received confirmation from ICC Evaluation Service, LLC (ICC-ES), that its CCTX Star Drive Structural Lag Screws and Timber Hex TH & THG 5/16” Hex Head Structural / Landscape Screws comply with the provisions of the 2015, 2012 and 2009 International Building Code® (IBC) and 2015, 2012 and 2009 International Residential Code®…
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Our Cabinet Screws Get A New Coat!

Our CTX Cabinet Screws Are Now AC257 Compliant. The yellow zinc coating on our Our CTX #10 x 3” and #10 x 2-1/2” has been replaced with a proprietary, AC257 Compliant coating that has withstood over 1,200 hours of salt spray conditions. With this new coating you’ll getting a broader range of applications since its…
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News: 6 New Colors of C-Deck Composite Deck Screw

We’ve Added Six New Colors to Our C-Deck Composite Deck Screw Line! In addition to the 17 colors of our TREX® Approved C-Deck Composite Deck Screw, we’ve added six new colors: Madeira, Pebble Grey, Rope Swing, Saddle, Winchester Grey and Woodland Brown. They’re packaged in our standard 1750ct Pail, 350ct Jar and 75ct Jar. Each package contains a free bit.…
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News: 3 New Sizes of AC257 Compliant Wood Screw Now Available

Our Bronze Star AC257 Compliant Wood Screw line has added a few sizes! See more information on our Bronze Star Wood Screws page. More about our Bronze Star AC257 Compliant Wood Screw Line Bronze Star Drive General Purpose Corrosion-Resistant Screws are for exterior professional operations using hard or soft woods, chipboard and other tough or treated…
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News: Jeff Gutterud Joins Screw Products, Inc. as Marketing Manager

Gig Harbor, WA, September 22, 2015– Jeff Gutterud has joined Screw Products, Inc. as Marketing Manager at the World Headquarters in Gig Harbor, WA. Jeff began as a Graphic Designer freelancer in 1994 and soon thereafter entered the growing web design field. This was followed by 3D Animation and Video. Jeff has worked with Jim…
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News: Kitchen Palette On DIY

Greetings and Happy Thursday, We have EXCITING News, we just received a heads up from the DIY Network thatKitchen Palette will be featured tomorrow on DIY's "I Hate My Kitchen": PLEASE Set your DVR's. Channel: DIY Network, I hate My Kitchen (The Bungalow Kitchen) When: Friday, September 4, 2015 Time: 8:00 a.m Eastern Thanks for…
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